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"It is with great joy, that I submit this testimonial for Arizona Flyer Service.  I have been using Tom and his company for more than 13 years.  When I first started with AFS I owned a commercial printing company and would hire them to distribute literature for my printing clients.  About three years ago, I sold my printing company and became a residential real estate agent.  I continue to use Arizona Flyer Service because they are the best and most trustworthy distribution company in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Tom is very particular about the people he hires and as a result his crews are made up of former police officers and firemen along with mature retired individuals who don’t do the job for the money, but for the exercise.  I started my real estate career on the ground floor with no customers and can honestly report that after three years of Arizona Flyer Service delivering to my farm area, I just completed my most productive three week period ever resulting in three sales!  I cannot recommend Tom and Arizona Flyer Service high enough."

Jeff Fulkerson | REALTOR

Keller Williams Realty Sonoran Living

“Thank you Arizona Flyer Service! The weekend after you passed out flyers for me we had our busiest day in our 15 year history! I’ve always seen great results from Arizona Flyer Service and would highly recommend them. I will definitely use them in again in the future. Thanks guys!”


Leland Cline

Ranch House Grill

“Arizona Flyer Service is one of the best around. Scheduling delivery is incredibly easy, communication is at an all time high, and Tom and his team are incredibly helpful. More than once have we had a last minute request for flyers to be delivered for open houses and events and they work with us to meet that time frame. So thankful our real estate team found them and we look forward to a continued partnership. If you are looking for a team that is dependable and efficient, and gets the job done with ease, Arizona Flyer Service is the way to go!”


DaughterDad Team


Thank you for all the hard work your team and you do for Talus Development. When we began completing work in Tucson, I struggled to find a reliable company to complete the number of Door tags needed in a short window. After reaching out to you several times and discussing the job requirements, your team and you did not hesitate to take on the work. Knowing it was in Tucson and somewhere new that you hadn’t done work before didn’t stop you from providing Great Customer Service to our very own Customer and Talus Development. The work that your team does is amazing and always done within the required timeframe. Thank you for all you do and continue to do.

Nichole Wanninger 

Talus Development LLC

Tom with Arizona Flyer Service is always responsive and diligent with my requests, and I love his customer service! This delivery service has saved my clients A LOT of time and money, and is an effective way for them to market their business. I'm very appreciative of my working relationship with this company!

Candis Creel
American Title Service Agency

We depend on Arizona Flyers to deliver all of our Open House flyers to surrounding neighbors, and every time it is completed in a timely manner and the trasaction as a whole could not be soother. If you are looking for a dependable team to get the job donoe, you have found them!

Kelly Lyle

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