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About Us

Typical GPS Map Provided on Orders for 5,000 or Larger

Arizona Flyer Service has been delivering flyers, door hangers, magazines, and other advertising materials in the Valley since 1996. Serving Maricopa and Pinal Counties, we have successfully distributed marketing materials for department stores, restaurants, dental offices, churches, real estate offices, mortgage offices, title offices and many, many more. Let us help you grow!

Door to door is affordable and effective!


Our dependable area supervisors and their teams are ready to distribute every piece you pay for. Your marketing materials will only go where they should-on the doors of your future customers! Flyer distribution is one of the most effective and affordable ways to get your name in the homes of your customers. Your message stands out, as it is not included in the mail, and is the first thing they see when returning home. It costs you less per piece to have us deliver straight to the customer's door than to mail your materials! This makes our service cost-effective and more likely to give you the return on your material investment.

We make sure your flyers are delivered in a timely and courteous way!

Our teams of health nuts and retired seniors are fast, polite, and effective. They can deliver your materials quickly while being conscientious of your customer's homes, vehicles and yards. We don't cut corners -literally! Our team stays on the sidewalk; we do not walk across the property or invade personal home space. Our priority is you and your potential customers.

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